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About Ativan (Lorazepam)

Ativan is a medication that can be prescribed for people with anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorder is a pretty wide spread problem nowadays. Lots of people really suffer from it. There are many reasons why such a condition may occur and it is important to treat it. If this condition is not treated in time, it may develop in more severe conditions, like depression.
There are several methods known for the treatment of anxiety disorder, including the use of medications. Ativan is one of drugs used for the treatment of anxiety disorder.
This medication may be prescribed in different dosages for different patients, but usually it is prescribed in the dosage of 1 mg. People suffering from insomnia due to anxiety disorder may be prescribed with a larger dosage of this medication, like something ranging from 2 to 6 mg a day.
Please note that only your healthcare provider is able to find out the right medication for you. You should not alter the dosage of this medication on your own, but you should always consult with your healthcare provider on that. In order to use this medication safely, you need to make sure that you do not have certain health problems. For instance, you should not use Ativan if you have an allergy to this medication. Generally, you need to make sure that all the health problems that you may have allow you the use of this medication.
When using this medication, you should mind the chance to have side effects. All medication can cause some side effects and Ativan is not an exception.

The management of anxiety disorders with Ativan

There is a range of different medications that belong to benzodiazepines and used for the treatment of anxiety disorder. One of them is Ativan. The same as any other medications from benzodiazepines, it is able to affect some brain chemicals in order to treat this condition. Ativan may be prescribed by your healthcare provider based on the symptoms of anxiety disorder that you experience.
If you have this medication, you should not use it in any other way than it is recommended by your healthcare provider. You should not share this medication with other people either and generally it is recommended to keep it somewhere in a safe place.
You should pay your attention that this medication is only for short-term use. It is not recommended to use it from longer than four weeks.

Can Ativan be used by anyone?

Certainly, no. There is not medication that can be used by everyone. It is usually needed to consider different factor before being prescribed with Ativan. If you start the use of Ativan and find yourself having an allergic reaction to this medication, you will know for sure that this is not a good medication for you.
This medication affects certain chemical in brain and it is no recommended for people who have previously had addiction to drugs or alcohol. Ativan should not prescribed for people who due to different health problems have to take different medications, like other benzodiazepines.
Your healthcare provider may find it reasonable to prescribe you with this medication, but if you start having severe side effects after using it, you should stop taking this medication.
If you have some problems with your health, your healthcare provider may decide not prescribe you with Ativan or you may be recommended with the lower dosage of this medication.

Ativan and drug interaction

If you are prescribed with Ativan for the treatment, you should be careful with the use of other medication along with it.
There are 701 medications known to interact with Ativan if they are used together. 10 of those medications are able to cause major interaction if used along with Ativan and 594 medication cause moderate interaction.
The rest of the medications from that lost are to cause minor interaction. It is suggested that if you need to use some other medication when you use Ativan, you should check it with your healthcare provider.